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Discover opportunities to participate in authentic & empowering learning experiences to learn about plant medicine and yoga. We offer many creative endeavors to connect to transformative retreats, classes and one on one sessions.

Through teaching yoga and plant medicine, Deb enjoys fusing devotion, strength, integrity, and grace in order to inspire contagious enthusiasm in service to Mother Earth, Community and Self.

As a yoga teacher, Deb finds deep interest in Yoga as a rich path of transformation, awakening innate intelligence and healing through which yoga combines the practical with mysticism. Deb embraces the boundless yoga practice as something that can open up  paths of transformation and nourish one’s unique spiritual way of life through exploring Yoga as a pathway toward one’s authentic Self. Her specialty is to encourage students toward self-inquiry through their connection to nature as well as exploring how a yoga practice can be a metaphor for how we choose to be in life and in relationship. She loves to explore and continuously question how to embody the practice; how to really walk the talk. She perceives yoga as a powerful framework for refining ourselves towards wholeness. She loves to blend the teachings of the plants, relationship with the natural world and the 8 limbs of Yoga. Deb teaches yoga at Yogadurango in Durango, Colorado and travels to teach in different states and countries periodically. She has trained with the amazing teachers through Yogadurango, Indira Kate Kalmbach in Costa Rica and is currently in study with her teacher, Bhavani Maki, diving deep into the heart of Yoga Philosophy and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


As an herbalist, Deb has an incredible devotion for facilitating the transmission and reception of plant medicine in the oral tradition.  Her curiosity drives her to dig deep, to embark on the adventures of creating relationships with our plant relatives and to seek out those that had the knowledge, the wisdom keepers. She has learned with Elders/Wisdom Keepers from around the globe. Deb’s dedication in her work is to facilitate the transfer of the messages of the Earth and the voices of the plants to create space for building lifelong relationships with the plants. She has been working intimately with the plants for 15 years building, learning, teaching and practicing. Her daily intention is to continue to learn to live more harmoniously with all sentient beings. 

Deb is a mother to a wonderful son.

I have been facilitating herb walks and medicine making classes locally in Durango for the past several years. Most of all, my time is spent learning with the plants and building lifelong relationships with them. My gift lies in the ability to fuse passion, strength, integrity, and grace in order to inspire contagious enthusiasm in service to Mother Earth.

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