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Authentic & empowering learning experiences

Discover opportunities to participate in authentic & empowering learning experiences to learn about plant medicine and yoga. We offer many creative endeavors to connect to transformative retreats, classes and one on one sessions.

Herbal Consultation Offerings

One-On-One Yoga Sessions  ~ 5, One Hour Sessions ($350) ~ One hour session ($75)

One~ON~One Yoga session are designed to match your unique body. You are the only you there ever was and will be!  We will cover alignment instruction with the asanas (physical yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), how to integrate yoga into your daily life and the larger picture of yoga. We will also explore deep threads and teachings of yoga that are woven into the fabric of the ancient practice. Private yoga  students are best served by consistent meetings on weekly basis for at least 5 or more sessions.

Private Yoga Group Sessions ~ $100

Initial Herbal Consultation (90 minutes) ~ $70

The initial consultation is an extensive look at your unique individual health patterns and tendencies and is recommended for new clients. During this session we will review your health questions and concerns,  do a thorough review of your body/organ systems, diet, medications, and review any supplements you are currently taking. We will discuss at length the vision for your health and the steps towards embodying your vibrant well being.  We will also explore any mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns related to the vision of your optimum health and well~being.

At the end of your session Deb will offer her thoughts and insights into the overall physiological and energetic patterns that are at play and will offer a recommendation of herbal remedies, foods, and other supportive recommendations that will encourage your body, mind, heart and spirit towards alignment with your potential for deeply embodied health.  

The cost of herbs is not included in the session price. 

Initial consultations can be done in person or at a distance via Skype/phone.  Herbs can be shipped.

Follow up Herbal Consultation (60 minutes) ~ $50

During the follow up consultation you will meet with Deb to discuss your experience with the herbal remedies and recommendations.  During the follow up we may decide to modify your formula or dosage and Deb will coach you through the next phase of the herbal journey.

It is recommended that clients follow up at least once within a month of the initial appointment. Most clients will need to stay on an herbal formula for 3-6 months depending on the nature of the imbalance and how chronic the pattern is. Our goal is to educate you in how to become your own herbalist through time, awareness and education.

Check in (30 minutes) ~ $40

A quick 30 minute check is is good for acute conditions, colds, or for quick check ins. These appointments are also available for those wanting a specific herb or herbal formula. 30 minute check ins can be done in person or via Skype.

Private Herb Walks ~ Individually priced

Private Herb Walks are designed for your private property and unique requests for what you intend to learn about the plants where you live. We will discuss the medicinal plants that grow in your "back yard" in depth as well as cover healing concepts and how to harvest and utilize the plants for your optimum health and well being. These walks are a potent, empowering and authentic way to deeply connect with yourself, your family and the land where you live. 

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