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Authentic & empowering learning experiences

Discover opportunities to participate in authentic & empowering learning experiences to learn about plant medicine and yoga. We offer many creative endeavors to connect to transformative retreats, classes and one on one sessions.

Links to our friends!

Yogadurango - http://yogadurango.com

Turtle Lake Refuge - http://www.turtlelakerefuge.org

New Flower Midwifery - http://www.newflowermidwifery.com

Wellspring Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine - http://www.acupuncturewellspring.com

Yoga Hanalei - http://www.yogahanalei.com

Open Heart Acupuncture - http://openheartacupuncture.com

Perin's Peak Photography - http://alexpullen.com

Return to Eden Retreats - http://www.ourreturntoeden.com

Chris Whitcoe ~ http://whitcoe.com

Winter Moon Tribe - http://www.wintermoontribe.org

Durango Natural Foods - http://durangonaturalfoods.coop

ChocolaTree Organic Eatery - http://chocolatree.com

Chanchka Remedios - http://www.chanchka.com

Surya Health & Wellness - http://www.suryawellbeing.com

Desert Tortoise Botanicals - http://www.desertortoisebotanicals.com

Voyage Botanica Low Income Herbal Clinic - http://www.gofundme.com/b5n3tc

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine - http://www.swsbm.com/HOMEPAGE/HomePage.html

Himalayan Kitchen - http://www.himkitchen.com

Dancing Willow Herbs - http://dancingwillowherbs.com



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