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Now accepting applications for the Woman’s Herbal Immersion Program for 2020

About the Women's Herbal Immersion Program

This experiential/hands on learning program is designed to be a vessel for cultivating powerful relationships with our local medicinal and edible plant relatives as well as healing skills to apply into daily life. We learn basic skills that help us to cultivate our self-awareness we learn to deepen our relationships with the sentient life that surrounds us.  We apply ancient tools to help us refine our skills in becoming attentive to observing patterns, cycles and concepts occurring in the natural world and learning how our bodies can be a metaphor for what is happening around us.  We learn practical herbalism skills to apply for ourselves and our families. We  work to grow our muscle of awareness with the intention to create harmony between our bodies inner rhythm’s and the larger rhythm's of life that surrounds us for healing. The heart of this apprenticeship program is to facilitate opportunities to surrender into our authentic self to discover our innate intelligence through connection with the plant people, nature, healing, yoga, and powerful feminine group dynamics. The group dynamics are the portal for deep learning. It is a place of safety, support and confidentiality. 

Some topics included in the 6 month program:

Plant Communication, Offerings,  Plant Identification, Medicine Making (Tinctures, Botanical Oils, Flower Essences, Honeys, Vinegars, Teas, Salves, Percolations, Fluid Extracts, Blending, etc), Organ System Energetics/Elements, Foundations of Well Being, Emotional Balancing, Tooth Care, Ethical Harvesting, Drying/Storing Herbs, Clinical Herbalism, Herbal First Aid, Nervous System Restoration, Woman's Health


Women's Herbal Immersion Program is a 6 month commitment. Mid April to Mid September. We meet one and a half days a month on private property with one overnight trip/2 day trip.  We will meet one full day (9:00am-4:00pm) per month on Mondays or Fridays and one half day (4:00-8:00pm) on one evening per month. The meeting dates are to be determined based on the group and we will create a set schedule in the late winter/early spring to dedicate this time in our schedule to this program. This program is an in-depth commitment and averages about 80 hours+ including weekly growth work. There is space for 6 women. Serious inquiries only.

Cost: Early early bird - $999 by January 1, 2020.

Early bird - $1111 by March 1st, 2020.

Late bird - $1222 by April 1st, 2020.
Please note, there is a $200 non- refundable deposit. Please inquire about payment plans if that is a better fit for your finances.

To apply, send a 1-2 page letter. Your letter will include:

1. Name, Contact Info (phone number, email), Age

2. Describe your experience with plants. (1 paragraph)

3. What interests you about this program? (1 paragraph)

4. How are you interested in incorporating Plant Medicine into your life? (1 paragraph)

5. What do you intend to receive from this program? ( 1 paragraph)

6. What can you contribute to the group/this program? (1 paragraph)

Send all inquiries to Deb Buck at deb@whitefeatherherbals.com .


"Deb's plant class has been one of the most, if not THE most, transforming things I have ever done in my life. It has been an ineffable journey of the soul and connection with the earth and my fellow sisters.Deb's ability to hold space, and gently yet powerfully push us all into our greatness is astounding. I have learned so much about creating relationship with the plant world and have been empowered in my healing journey in a way I have never experienced before. In this class I have learned things about the body and it's incredible relationship with plants that I believe everyone should know. The gratitude I have for Deb and the women and plants who have held me and allowed themselves to be held these past 5 months is immeasurable. Thank you thank you thank you." Sincerely, Rebecca Favero

"I am so grateful for this experience to learn about plant medicine in a collaborative, natural, challenging and joyful way. I've appreciated how it isn't just a class about plants but a whole schooling experience on relationships. How to be in balanced relationship with one's self (letting go of addictions, taking off the masks, committing to nourishment and healing), with the living world, with each other and with all the incredible plant people. Deb is an excellent guide to this experience- she is very humble and open, allowing the medicine to flow through. She gives us productive and meaningful "growthwork" and asks direct questions that challenge us to step into our individual gifts and to show up as our brightest and truest selves. The program has a great balance of practical medicine making and harvesting, emotional release and direct plant healing experiences, deepening understanding of the human body (how the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart, etc. all function in harmony and dis-ease), community support and plant dreaming. Thank you Deb!" ~Kate Shavel





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