White Feather Yoga & Plant Medicine

Authentic & empowering learning experiences

Discover opportunities to participate in authentic & empowering learning experiences to learn about plant medicine and yoga. We offer many creative endeavors to connect to transformative retreats, classes and one on one sessions.

Weekly yoga classes are held at Yogadurango in gorgeous Durango, Colorado. 

YogaLab- 9:00-10:45am - Tuesdays - Florida Studio

In the style of Hatha Yoga, this longer 1 hour 45 minute class will provide you the opportunity to go deep into discovery of Self through alignment in postures, deep clearing and nourishment for your nervous system as well as provide the space for cultivation, exploration and refinement of your personal yogic path. This class will emphasize the deeper essence of embodiment and opening to ones authentic Path of Spirituality through the practices of pranayama, longer holds in the asanas, and the study of yogic philosophy through the lens of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Yoga & Plant Wisdom - 8:30-10:00am -  Wednesdays - Main Ave Studio

Join Deb, local herbalist & yoga teacher for a unique class offering exploring the therapeutic value of medicinal plants integrated with the ancient system of Yoga. This class is rich with Yogic philosophy combined with the wise essence of plants. Each week you will learn about a different plant, sample the plant medicine (tea, extract, honey), and experience a yoga practice to support the healing work of the plants.

Hatha - 12-1pm - Wednesdays - Main Ave Studio

This class breaks down instruction to encourage proper alignment and steadiness in asanas and uses the breath as the fundamental key to body/mind integration. A Hatha yoga class provides students with a well-rounded practice and instructs practitioners to modify, vary or progress in poses accordingly.

Grace in Yoga - 12-1:15pm - Thursdays - Main Ave Studio

This enlivening class will explore meditation, pranayama, and mindful asana expressed through the vinyasa style (linking breath with movement). This practice offers a blend of asana for gathering strength, balance, connecting with your center and releasing tension, all infused with the qualities of grace. Each class will offer a varied practice appropriate for the season and the natural rhythms of the day. All levels welcome. Some experience is preferred.

Yoga Sutra Study Group - 4-5pm - Last Sunday of every month - Main Ave Studio

Deb will guide us through study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, chant and discussion as we explore yoga through this ancient framework to access a deeper understanding of the limitless potentials on the path of yoga.


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