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Authentic & empowering learning experiences

Discover opportunities to participate in authentic & empowering learning experiences to learn about plant medicine and yoga. We offer many creative endeavors to connect to transformative retreats, classes and one on one sessions.

True North


Return home to Authentic Self

Return home to the Love that beckons the wholeness of who you are.

In the silence of darkness,

Take flight in the wild wisdom of your generous Heart.

Receive the gift of this moment.


Soften the ego mind, allow the layers of separation to dissolve

Rest into the essence of your true nature.

Stillness & presence,

Inward & Reflective



Courage of the Buffalo,

Introspection of the Bear,

Silent flight of the Owl,

Dance of the Eagle.

Wisdom, Winter, Water

Sweetgrass, awe, Sweetgrass.


Surrender to the silence.


Bow with honor to the ancient ones.

Thank you Great Mystery, Gracias Pachamama.


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