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Upward & Outward

When all life force energy begins to move upward and outward, the birth of the spring season encourages me to expand into what I have cultivated through introspection and reflection all winter. As I shed the layers of winter, I practice renewal of body, mind and spirit, and engage in the swell of creative energy that envelops all life in the spring. Breathing in the medicine of the warm spring air, I drink in the Pine with an invitation to renew the very essence of my being. A flicker calls confidently from the towering Ponderosa Pine tree swaying effortlessly in the wildness of the forest. It flits from one branch to another, celebrating new beginnings. The whispers in the tops of the Ponderosa Pines reveal messages on the auspicious springs winds. The sun lights up my body from the inside out as it touches and awakens my skin.  Growing next to me, I notice and greet an Artemesia plant beginning to reveal its livelihood as it unfurls toward the sun. Placing a small leaf to my tongue, I feel the wildness emerge as the bitter taste engages my insides with an awakened zeal for life. When I taste the wild plants, my senses activate so I can more fully participate in the language of the land. I can feel myself automatically align with authenticity, providing me the clear connection to the sentient way of the forest. Through my senses, I can experience the moment through deep & authentic presence. I feel captivated by the spring winds of transformation; the mystery enfolds me in her wings as I set sail to fully show up in my life.

 As I participate in digging the first Dandelion roots of the spring season, it is a relief to immerse my hands into the life-giving wildness of the soil. The last layer of winter has officially lifted making way for the expansive quality of the spring.  When I hold the soil in my hands and drink in the rich fragrance of Mother Earth, gratitude awakens as I surrender to authenticity. The deeper my hands sink into the nutrient rich earth, the deeper I sink into my heart. I acknowledge the sacred act of harvesting medicine for vital living and think of all the people who have walked before me and those to come, who have/will do the same.  A harmonious relationship between plants and people is essential for the well being of humans and for longevity of the Mother Earth.

 A thriving body requires cultivating a subtle awareness of our bodies and how we can align ourselves with nature. People who live in close kinship with the earth have a profound relationship, which provides us with access to our innate wisdom. To create alignment between your body and nature during spring, practice shedding toxic excesses by paying conscious attention to liver health. Spring is ruled by the organs of liver and gallbladder. The liver and gall bladder are the main organs for cleansing and processing toxins. The intense excitement, agitation, anger, or impatience that can come from increased activity of the season can be channeled through the practices of cleansing the liver, gall bladder and supporting the nervous system on the windy days.  Drink some Dandelion root tea or add some fresh dandelion greens into your salad. Try some Pulsatilla, Anemone tuberosa, when the spring winds pick up and anxiety kicks in. Through cultivating awareness of our physical health in the spring, there is an opportunity to maintain a flowing channel of creativity, growth and vitality. When we are in harmony with the change of the season, we can experience a thriving body, mind and spirit.

Thank you Alex Pullen for these incredible images of Dandelion and Cherry!

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